The United States offers equal opportunities to foreign workers who come from various professions and occupations. It welcomes highly qualified and talented people, from artists to healthcare professionals. The US government, however, implements strict regulations that vary in accordance to the employment category of a foreign worker.

Before one can enter and work in the US territory, he must obtain a work visa. Work visa has various categories, such as:

  • Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Worker
  • Permanent (Immigrant) Worker
  • Students and Exchange Visitors
  • Temporary Visitors For Business

Each of these categories requires a specific application procedure, which requires numerous documents and a relatively long processing time. No one wants to venture in a process and eventually get rejected. Thus, Visa & Immigration Solutions (VIS) is here to help you prepare your documents, brief you for the consular interview, and track your application. We also monitor your case to ensure that any problems that may arise in the process are immediately addressed. We have years of experience in the immigration and international legal services industry. Thus, rest assured that you will receive the most professional guidance. Call us now and let’s take the first step in attaining your career goals.