Letter of Authorization

Visa & Immigration Solutions (VIS) specializes in providing custom-tailored international services to anyone seeking entry into the United States for any lawful purpose, whether temporary or permanent. Among the types of entry visas supported are:

  • Tourist
  • Permanent residence
  • Business investment
  • Work

Because our caseload is relatively small, we are able to provide close support to our clients throughout the course of document processing, and to assist in the preparation of our clients for successful consular interviews.

EB-5 Investor Visa Opportunities

V and I Solutions.com (VIS) has entered into a formal relationship with the Union Village EB-5 Project in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas. We can assist qualified applicants in obtaining permanent resident visas for themselves and family members through an authorized EB-5 program.

Union Village is a bold, innovative construction project in which a cutting-edge hospital and state-of-the-art medical support facilities are being constructed in a harmonious, logistically-optimized array, embellished on the periphery by shopping and restaurants. For an investment of US $500,000.00, an applicant and his or her family members can obtain “green cards,” permanent residency in a growing suburban community adjacent to spectacular Las Vegas, Nevada, the entertainment and casino capital of the world. There are many benefits attendant to subscriptions to this project. Making an investment in this project has certain restrictions and qualifications, all of which will be discussed and fully disclosed to clients before any investments are made. See http://unionvillage.net for more information.

Other Investment Opportunities

Union Village is also open to international investors not looking to immigrate to the United States. For a minimum investment of US $1,000,000.00, a proportional interest in some aspects of Union Village can be obtained. The potential success of the Union Village project as a whole is estimated to be quite high. Union Village has the complete backing of the State of Nevada, and its governor, Brian Sandoval.

For more information about Union Village and its financial opportunities, contact: