Applying for permanent residency in the United States today is a grueling process which requires a lot of attention and legal requirements crucial to your migration.  V and I Solutions is an independent immigration consultancy in Santa Ana that provides professional guidance in order for you to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams of permanently residing in America, the land of opportunity.We specialize in different cases that need the utmost attention, including:

  • Assessment of Qualifications
  • Document Preparation
  • Interview Preparation

Our firm offers cost-efficient service with the highest degree of excellence through the help of our visa and immigration lawyers. At V and I Solutions, we will fulfill your longtime aspirations of migrating, working, or travelling to the United States, and give you the opportunity to create a new and prosperous life abroad. We guarantee that you can only expect the best quality of services from our highly trained experts.

Apply now and be prepped by our team of experts.  We are very glad to serve you, our most valued customers!  If you want to learn more information on the services we offer, you can call us now at +1 (909) 763-9319 or at (800) 731-7839.