V and I Solutions is located at Fountain Valley.   We are an independent and well accomplished consultancy firm that focuses on visa and immigration services that will help you permanently live in the United States.  During our four decades of consultation, we have gained a number of clients who are now happily residing in America through the help of our well respected firm.

Traveling and working in the United States gives you a chance to have a prosperous and meaningful life.  We fully understand each and every case that comes to us.  We comprehend every distinctive situation and all specific cases require a different approach with all the proper and alternative solutions.  This is the reason why we offer exceptionally tailored processing on your visas to guarantee a smooth course of migrating in the United States and finally have that wonderful Green Card.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of Qualifications
  • Document Preparation
  • Interview Preparation

We have the best immigration lawyers and consultants that you can find. Whatever your specific needs may be, V and I Solutions will deliver the most credible way of fulfilling all your objectives and goals abroad. To learn more about services that we offer, you can reach us at +1 (909) 763-9319 or at (800) 731-7839.