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Little Saigon was established after the fall of the Saigon during the Vietnam War. It is located at North Orange County, and continues to serve as a small community for the growing Vietnamese-American population in California. Here, the people celebrate the magnificence of their ethnicity through a variety of products and enterprises. Inevitably, what started out as a simple home developed into a tourist attraction bustling with restaurants, recreational areas, medical institutions and sacred temples.

A treat for your taste buds

Wherever you turn at Little Saigon, there are diners waiting to fill your palette with native and authentic Vietnamese delicacies. Among the most recommended cuisines are Banh Mi, a baguette sandwich with layers of pork, mayonnaise, and vegetables; Pho, a noodle soup with pork-beef broth, green onions, fresh herbs, meat and an optional serving of chili sauce on the side; and Banh Cuon or steamed spring rolls filled with minced pork, dried shrimp, mushrooms and lettuce.

Coffee shops are also a big thing for Vietnamese. Their caphe sua da or coffee with condensed milk in ice and crunchy croissants are highly recommended for all bread and caffeine-lovers.

Unwind with a touch of history

Staying true to its Vietnamese origins, Little Saigon entertains guests by merging historical and modern influences into different forms of leisure and entertainment. As proof, there are many attractions to visit like the Asian Garden Mall, Atlantis Play Center, Mile Square Golf Course and the Vietnam War Memorial at Sid Goldstein Freedom Park. The said community also holds an annual Viet Film Festival and sells films by renowned directors Trinh Thi Minh Ha and Charlie Nguyen. Lastly, for those of you who would like to replenish your spiritual well-being, a trip to the Chua Hue Quang Buddhist temple will bring you wonders.


Community empowerment

Aside from bringing amusement to tourists, Little Saigon continues to provide a strong network of support for Vietnamese immigrants by establishing support groups like the Vietnamese Community of Orange County, Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California and the Social Assistance Program for Vietnam. All of these organizations uphold unity and cooperation among all Vietnamese-American, as they strive to prosper in America.
Little Saigon is indeed fueled by the journeys that represent how resilient and joyful the Vietnamese are. Knowing this, Visa and Immigration Solutions works hand in hand with Little Saigon in preserving and building a welcoming home away from home for Vietnamese-Americans and many other immigrants across the globe.