Most USCIS visa and immigration applications culminate in a consular interview. It is therefore extremely important that applicants be completely prepared for what to expect during this process. But with hundreds of questions that demand answers, it is often daunting for many people to even think about the prospect of being interviewed by a consular officer. Fortunately at V and I Solutions, we have the experience and expertise to prepare you for every scenario.

The interview may be the most crucial step of your application. Hence we will make sure that you are duly prepared to succeed. One of our consultancy experts will aid you every step of the way. Aside from providing you with an up to date interview material, we will also test you with mock-interview sessions. This will include personalized questions that will be possibly encountered during the actual interview.

At V and I Solutions, we believe that every little detail makes a big difference which is why we make sure the entire process is fully explained. We consider even the slightest of things that could affect the whole process and determine the success or failure of your interview.