Under American law, all single US citizens who have met their fiancé in person in the past two years have an absolute right to bring their future life partner to the US. However many attempts to petition foreign partners do not succeed because of the numerous pitfalls in the visa process, as well as the government bureaucracy which can impede the application for months or even years.

Fortunately, V and I Solutions is here to help make the process easier and more convenient for you. As one of the most trusted visa specialists in the industry, we boast years of experience and extensive knowledge when it comes to strategy implementation for a successful visa and permanent residence application.

Our specializations include:

  • US Visa and Immigration Application
  • Document Preparation
  • Interview Preparation

Our highly trained and licensed consultants are thoroughly familiar with visa and immigration policies. You and your partner will be given a personalized solution, ensuring fast and positive results.

Moreover, we will make sure that your documents go through thorough reviews to avoid any mistakes that could delay your visa application. We will guide you in completing the paperwork accurately and in a timely manner. We will also work with your partner from abroad and walk her through the entire process; preparing her for the government interviews, classes, paperwork, visa requirements and the life that awaits her abroad.