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California is known to be host to the largest immigrant population in all of America. As early as 1848, it has been a melting pot for settlers hailing mostly from Latin America and Asia. This sudden boom in foreign inhabitants earned both positive and negative reactions from the Californians. Up to this day, the fight for equality and social acceptance remains a high road to take for most immigrants.

What is the main reason behind the immigrants struggle for civil rights?

We believe that choosing the “back door” or the easy way into the United States is very dangerous and is in fact the true cause of most disputes between California locals. There are more than 10 million immigrants currently residing in California, and we want to protect our customers to the best that we can, in order for them to avoid illegally entering the US territory and eventually add up to the 2 million immigrants deported under the rule of President Obama.

Why is legal application for visa and permanent residency better?

Migrating to the US while dutifully abiding by its authorized standards and laws will reap advantageous paybacks in the form of government-supported programs and assistances. You will receive support for your family especially in terms of your most basic needs, like health, food, education and money. You will also be recognized as a valuable contributor in Americas development.

Due to the growing number of naturalized businessmen and employees, the US government now depends on the dramatic impact of immigrants in the following areas:

  • Adding more power and resource for the local workforce
  • Helping in the development of more labor and jobs
  • Increased rates in production, manufacturing, and public service
  • Boost in agriculture
  • Naturalized American citizens are allowed to vote, thereby expanding leadership and involvement in various economic sectors
  • Surge in clients availing health services, housing construction and tax revenues
  • Large contributions in new research, inventions in science and information technology

Through our genuine support and superb consultation programs, we help immigrants from Mexico, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Korea and other foreign countries enjoy a life filled with the benefits of being a legally recognized citizen of America. More importantly, we serve as your partners in proving that wherever you may be, there are many positive changes that you can make, if you choose to first do things the right way.